Our Services

At Tango Group International we understand that your business is not just made up of buying or chasing stock for your store. We now offer you many ways of reviewing and buying our products. Mix and match the approach that best works for you.


  • On the Road - There is a team of people happy to visit you in store to best match our products to your needs. They can take your order on the spot.
  • Weekly Stock lists and product offers - Make sure you’re on the mail out list!
  • On the Web - With secure, direct access to our integrated wholesale system you can review your previous orders, check stock availability and create a new order.
  • In our Showroom - Our team can give you the very best experience allowing you to try before you buy. Touch and feel the item - see how good it can look in store.
  • Exhibitions and Trade Shows - We exhibit new products and our brands across Australia at different times of the year. Providing you with your own special "showroom on wheels".


Our sales team works in partnership with large retailers to source and develop exclusive product lines for their customers. We also stock an extensive range of items that independent retailers can purchase and have shipped immediately to their stores. Our experienced buyers have travelled the world sourcing products that are sure to appeal to a huge cross section of consumers. Our customer service team ensures that your orders are dispatched promptly upon receipt of your order. Product offers include ex works shipment from Melbourne, FCL direct and FOB services to satisfy all of your needs.


Private label sourcing, product development and packaging is a major part of our business. with the ability to source basically any consumer product that comes to mind from our network of trusted and reliable companies, our number one goal at Tango is to provide peace of mind to our customers with reliable products and great pricing that will exceed expectations. By staying abreast of current domestic and international market trends and working closely with our in-house creative team, we can supply excellent designs for your products while placing an emphasis on ethical sourcing practices and quality control.


Whether it be supplying an exclusive item for your organisation or simply supplying one of our existing items with your specific packaging requirements, we can do it. Tango offers a cost effective and efficient supply chain solution to any business. We can deliver a specific product that meets all your requirements direct from the overseas factory floor to your premises in Australia.


We have containers leaving China on a weekly basis. This provides us with the great flexibility of being able to load your specifically manufactured/packaged item into any of these containers thus ensuring we get your product into your premises in both an efficient and cost-effective manner. Utilise our in-house design team to create brands concepts and much more and bring your idea to life!


Feel free to contact us with your specific requirements, you will be surprised at what we can offer. We pride ourselves on ensuring that you will be totally satisfied with the product whilst making the process as smooth and hassle free as possible.